An answer block is a list of answer alternatives, which is used by all questions that use the same answer list. On the import screen you may notice the drop-down menu with options for Variables sharing answers block. The purpose of having an answer block used by several questions instead of having one answer block per question is to save time in the setup process.

You probably want to have the same color for Brand X for example of a Telecom operator, in all questions and by using shared answer blocks the brand color can be changed in one place. Another example is defining Top and Bottom-box values: you can set those up once and they can be used for all questions that share that Answer Block. In this example the top value being red and bottom green or any other selection that you would like to illustrate.

The answer blocks are created during the Metadata import to Dapresy Pro. An answer block can then be updated and questions get new answer blocks during additional metadata imports or when the metadata is overwritten during the data imports. The settings on the import screen enable Administrator to select the desired behavior of the Answer block sharing. The setting is available only when “Metadata” is being imported. If only Case data is being imported the new setting is not available. The selection contains following options:

  • Smart detection of similar answer lists
  • Identical answer lists
  • No sharing

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