Once you completed the metadata transformation and initial data upload, you will probably have more data files to upload. The upload of new data when using the option “Import Metadata and Case data” enables you to choose if all questions and answers which not are present in the imported file will be active or not. This option is available only if “Import Metadata & Case Data” has been selected.

In this case, if you don’t have all the Metadata for old questions and you are importing a new file the system recognises these questions, or answers alternatives and enables you to choose should these be used in the system from now on. If you choose to inactivate excluded Metadata – as shown in the screenshot -Then all the questions and answers that don’t exist in the imported file would be inactivated.

The questions and answers options that are not present in the imported data file will be inactivated during the data import if you select this option under Inactivate Excluded Metadata on the import screen. If it’s left blank then the questions and answers options that are not present in you latest file comparing to previously uploaded a data file, will not be inactivated, and will show in your project. The process of overwriting Metadata during the import is done before we add new answers, to make sure we can import answer labels AND change answer text in the same process.