Use this function when you need to overwrite the existing value label with your variable label. This is especially useful in multiple-choice questions that store the answer on the variable label and has “answered” as the value label. If the question part of the variable label is uniform, then use the ‘search and replace variable label’ function to remove the “question” text so that it only contains the actual answer.

  1. When meta data transformation opened place the cursor on the variable, then right-click.
  2. Press Move question text to answer text.
  3. After completion the message in the green box at the top of the screen will appear.

The example where variable text is moved to answer text is:

Q1 – Operator – Telecom

Q1 – Operator – Mobile

Q1 – Operator – Satellite

when we select these variables, move the question text to answer text, the question text become:

Q1 – Operator

Q1 – Operator

Q1 – Operator

And the answer label for code 1 for each variable would be:

1 = Telecom

1 = Mobile

1 = Satellite