The data import expects the mandatory variable to identify the respondents. If the variable is named “Respondent Id” the system will automatically detect the variable and will attach a small respondent Id icon next to it. If the data file does not contain a variable with a unique ID number, or if it exists under another name, you can do one of two things: Either create a variable with a unique ID number, or identify which variable contains information about the ID by using the “Create respondent ID variable” option.

  1.            Place the cursor on the selected/highlighted variable, then right-click.

  2.            Press “Create Respondent ID variable and new dialog box will appear.

  3.            To create new Respondent ID variable press Create button.

  4.            To select an existing variable for Respondent ID press Select existing.

  5.            In a new dialog box select the variable from the list and press select.

 When creating an Respondent ID from an existing variable only open numeric variable are shown. The Respondent ID can maximum be 14 digits. If the highest respondent ID is 99 999 999 999 999 and if you import new data via the Import scheduler letting the system generates the IDs then the system will show message informing you on this issue.

Note: When the RespondentID is generated by Dapresy, it will always start with lowest available ID in the project and increase for every respondent. In case you also import files in the same project with respondentID from the file, this could create issues: if Dapresy creates id 1000 and you want to import a file with 1000 too, you will get a duplicate. 

In case you start with uploading a file with the creation of the respondent id first and do a manual import after, you need to start with with id's with higher numbers after this. Please note that you need to jump to higher numbers when you load a new wave of data. If you again start with loading a file with Dapresy creating the id's it will again start with the highest number. So your data file with your own id, should jump to a number higher than the highest created id. 

In case your own id's are automatically created by your system, a workaround could be to add one fake row to your data set with a high respondentid. Dapresy will create own id's which are higher than your highest number. This way, you can keep using your own created id's without manually adjusting them..