Creating new Meta Data Transformation (MDT)

Metadata transformation enables you to change meta data, assign mandatory variables to your file and apply the same transformation for new files you will be importing. The Apply meta data transformation button will appear after you have selected the file for import. Pressing “New transformation” will show you a complete overview of your metadata’s structure. Any errors will be displayed with an exclamation mark in a triangle in the farthest left column. You must make sure to get rid of all warnings before you import your data! You can either do this by further re-coding file in SPSS using SPSS syntax, or you can use the metadata transformation functionality inside Dapresy.

  1. Go to Import data icon under Data section and select Import tab.
  2. In the dropdown menu select the file type and press Browse to search for the file.
  3. Once file is selected go to BATCH TYPE section, select Import Meta data&Case data.
  4. Under META DATA TRANSFORMATION Press New Transformation.
  5. Select the Variable with warning sign. By clicking the downward arrow, you can view the answer alternatives per question and make necessary corrections.
  6. Place the cursor anywhere on the page, then right-click. You will see the new menu and options to create mandatory variables and access other meta data transformation options.

With your first import, you will be automatically taken through this process. In case you are uploading any subsequent files in the same project and use the import function with detailed settings you can use the edit the metadata or create new metadata transformation. Variable Name/Variable Code in Meta Data Transformation is not case sensitive. Only report Text for variables and answers are case sensitive.