To check if data has the right structure or to alter your metadata’s structure, check the ‘apply metadata transformation’ box prior to import. If you have created and saved a transformation earlier, you can select your saved transformations from the drop-down menu. The selected transformation will be applied when you import your data by clicking the import button.

In some cases, the data files contain non- clean case data which needs to be cleaned outside Dapresy Pro, for instance some data collection tools add values like 99999 or 99998 if the question was not responded by the respondent. Using “Exclude data” option it possible to define data values to be deleted during the data import to Dapresy Pro, the values will be deleted both from the Meta data and the Case data. By default 999 will be excluded, for more information please review the data file details.

The deletion is done on a general level and not defined per variable. Use the input field on the import screen under the Exclude data section to define the data values to be deleted. It is possible to add multiple cases, using comma as separator. The defined data values are being saved so next time you enter the import screen you don’t need to enter those again. As they are stored they are being used by the Import scheduler function as well.

The last option is to add the Tag. To assign a Tag to a data set that is going to be imported, select the Tag from the drop-down menu. If no Tag should be assigned, select “No Tag.” To edit or create or delete tab, press Edit tags button.