There are several options to upload your data. When using the detailed import, all the settings for data import need to be selected manually. To start the data upload using the Import option, select the Data section and Import data icon. Under Import tab you will find the file type dropdown menu selection.

Step by step

  1. Go to Import data icon under Data section and select “Import” tab.
  2. In the dropdown menu select the file type and press Browse to search and select the file.
  3. Under BATCH TYPE, select to Import Case data or Import Meta data&Case data. You will select this option if you are loading data for the first time, or if you are loading altered metadata. If you are loading a second batch of data and there have been no changes to your metadata, you can load case data only.
  4. Under the SPSS SAV. FILE SETTINGS, Select Multichoice question separator by writing the character into the box.
  5. Use option “Group open numeric questions with separator "_" in the Name to Multiple Choice Questions” If you have open numeric question in your data file that have the same separator in their variable names as multiple-choice variables have in their variable names. You can then check this box so that your open numeric question will be imported as multi choice questions. (Make sure your answer labels contain the answer id and text separated with -, for more information review this)
  6. Press Upload to complete the data upload.

Using these settings, you will be able to upload the data, which has the mandatory variables predefined in the file. Once you press upload the process will complete and you will be presented with the message:

In case you already loaded data that contains Multi choice question separator in the variable, then these questions will be considered as Multi choice and the system will return a message with this information where you would need to adjust your file.

For any specific requirements, please review this.