In projects that use the new color template logic, all objects such as questions, answers, icons, text objects, chart gridlines, chart backgrounds, cell backgrounds, etc. can be connected to the color placeholders. If an object is connected to a placeholder, then the maintenance becomes much more efficient as only the color placeholders need to be updated if the colors have to be updated.

The connection to a color placeholder is made within the color picker that is used to edit the color of an item. The new color picker consists of two tabs. The first tab is used to set a fixed color (the same logic as before), and the second tab is used to connect an item to a color placeholder. If a color placeholder is selected, then the color of the item will be updated as soon as the color of the placeholder is updated.
The image below shows the two tabs in the color picker.

In the systems, you can easily see if an item is connected to a color placeholder. In the image below, you can see the icon that indicates if an item is connected to a color placeholder. The image below shows the setup of an icon. In this case, the icon is connected to a color placeholder instead of a fixed color which can be seen on the highlighted icon.

When setting up a chart, you can choose the colors that will be applied to the series in the chart. If the project uses the new color logic, then you can now select which category within the color template will be used when the color source is “Color template”. As shown in the image below, a second dropdown list appears when “Color Template” is selected in “Series color source.” This list shows all the available categories.