Each project has an assigned color template that is selected during the project creation. The template can also be changed at a later time or updated. During the project creation, the color template is selected in the same way as before. The list of color template selections consists of two parts: Color Templates (the new templates) and Legacy Color Templates (the old templates).

If you select a legacy template, then you cannot connect an item to a color placeholder and edit the colors used in the color picker etc., the old logic is still used. This is only possible if any of the new color templates are selected. The image below shows the color template selection list that is available when creating a project. As shown, it contains both new and old color templates.

If you have an old project but want to use the new color template logic, then you have to go the Project Settings page and select the “Use new color template logic” option (shown in the image below). When this option is activated, the first available new color template will be assigned to your project. If you want to change the color template, you can do this in the color template screen (inside the project, see next topic for details)

If your project is using the new color template logic but you want to use the old logic, then just untick the option “Use new color template logic,” and the old logic will be used once again.