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Instead of setting a fixed color for each color placeholder, you can create links between color placeholders. This is very useful if several color placeholders will have the same or similar colors since the links can also include color adjustments.

The image below shows an example of when links can be useful. The shown category shows the Scale 1-7 color placeholders. Scale 1 has a fixed color while Scale 2 and a Scale 3 are linked to Scale 1. Pre-defined color adjustments have been set to get lighter versions of the source color.

The same goes for the green colors below. Scale 7 has a fixed color, while Scale 5 and 6 are linked to Scale 7 with color adjustments. If the fixed color in Scale 1 is updated, then Scale 2 and Scale 3 will be automatically updated and so on. 

The image below shows a category where some colors have been linked. The Palette icon indicates that the color is a source color while the brush icon indicates that the color is based off another color.

These kinds of links can also be created between the categories so that the Scale 1-5 category and Scale 1-3 category could also be linked to, for example, Scale 1 and Scale 7 in the Scale 1-7 category. 

You can hover over the palette icon to see which color placeholders are linked to it. All linked colors are rotated 45 degrees, as shown in the image below.

To create a link, simply open the color picker of the desired color placeholder and enter the “link” tab. In the link tab, select which category and color placeholder it should be linked to. If any color adjustments need to be done, you can enter an adjusted HSL value (see image further down). 

•S= Saturation
•L= lightness

The image below shows the link tab. In this case, the color placeholder is linked to the placeholder Scale 1 in the Scale 1-7 category. If you look at the Adjustment section, you will see that the new color will be lighter since the Lightness value is increased by 20.