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New colors can be added to a category by clicking the “New color” button (see image below). The new color is white by default. A category can have an unlimited amount of colors. The image below highlights the “New color” option.

A color placeholder can be deleted by hovering your mouse over the color placeholder. The image below shows the delete option which appears on mouse hover over.

Each color placeholder can have tags that explain what kind of placeholder it is. These tags can easily be edited by double clicking on the tag. The image below shows how to edit a tag. Just double click on the tag to edit.

You can easily rearrange the sort order of the color placeholders within a category by entering the desired sort order value or by dragging and dropping. The image below shows the sort order edit field. Double click on the sort order value to open the edit field.

The image below shows how you can drag and drop to change the sort order of the color placeholders. To drag and drop a color placeholder, simply click the icon highlighted in the image below.