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In the Color template library, you create and edit the color templates that will be used in your projects. There is no connection between the color templates in the project and the Color template library, so changes in the library can be made without effecting any projects (and vice versa). The Color template library is located next to the old Color template library in the System/Misc. tab (see image below). The old library screen has been renamed, and is now “Color template (Legacy).”

The image below shows how to navigate to the Color template library.

In the Color template library page, you can create new templates and edit the existing ones. The image below shows the Color template library page.

A color template consists of several categories, and each category contains a number of color placeholders. When creating a color template, a few categories are populated by default. Some of these can be deleted while others are mandatory and cannot be deleted.

To create a new color template, click “Create new template” at the top of the page. A panel will then appear where you can: 

• Name the template
• Enter a comment: why it was created, etc. (optional)
• Edit the colors of the desired color placeholders in the pre-defined categories and add new colors to the pre-defined categories
• Edit the sort order of the color placeholders
• Edit the tags of the color placeholders
• Create new categories

The image below shows the panel where you can create a color template. All categories are listed on the left. The top one is the “Standard Palette” and shows the standard colors used by the color picker to set a fixed color for an item. The other categories contain the color placeholders that are used when an item will be connected to the template.

Remember to SAVE when you are done with all the changes. The Save button is located in the lower right corner!

To edit a color, simply click the corresponding color icon and edit the color in the color picker that appears.

The color picker can also be opened by double-clicking directly on the desired color in the category list.

*Instead of setting a fixed color, you can link a color placeholder to another color placeholder.