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The default color template selected will determine the colors used for your charts. The color management provides you with options to adjust the colors in your color palette based on your needs. You can also use Hex codes, RGB or HSL values to select custom colors. The color picker also remembers the last colors that were used, which makes it easier to reuse colors between objects. The image below shows the updated color picker. As shown, you can now enter either the Hex, RGB or the HSL code when entering a custom color.

Using DapresyPro color settings you can connect any item such as text objects, icons, labels in charts, etc. to a “color placeholder” instead of setting a fixed color. For example, all “headers” in a StoryTeller report can be connected to a “header” color placeholder. This makes it very easy to update the color of all the headers since you just need to update a single color placeholder rather than multiple text objects.

These color templates are created in a Color Template library, and then a template is assigned to each project. The larger image below shows how you can setup a color template. The categories of the template are shown on the left, and the options to edit colors, tags, sort order, etc. are made on the right. The smaller image shows how the color placeholder appears in the color picker.

The ability to connect items to the color place holders and edit the colors of the color picker are only supported if the project has a new color template. Since all existing projects don’t have the new color templates by default, the logic is not supported. If you want to use the new color template logic in an old project, then you need to assign a placeholder to an item.

The next articles describe the new color logic in detail:
• how to create and maintain the color templates in the Color template library
• how to import a color template to a project and how to make changes on a project level
• how to use the color templates in a project, how to connect a question, a text, an icon, etc. to a color placeholder
• how the Report Template library and the Color templates integrate with each other