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Once couple of first few steps in defining your project have been completed. Several options from both ‘Layout’ and ‘Theme’ can then be selected. For example selecting the color template that suits your reporting needs, also project theme can be selected. The culture and language selections can be found in Project settings. 

In case that any of these available themes do not meet the requirements use the advantage of skin customization. This customization can be developed in-house or such services can be provided by Dapresy team. Additionally, with Dapresy Pro, each installation has a list of themes that are tied to a client. These can be selected on a per-project basis. A skin consists of a set of files that make up the visual parts of a portal. The following files currently make up a skin:

  • CSS file (portal design)
  • JavaScript file (extended portal functionality)
  • PowerPoint templates (for branded PowerPoint downloads)
  • XML file (defines graphics for static charts based on the functionality of DotNetcharting)
  • Employee XML file (defines graphics for static employee project files)

A project can also have a set of assets, such as images, that can be accessed from the CSS file, such as a company logo. The system requires each project to have a skin – it will start with the installation default skin. Verity of such skins  can also be ordered from Dapresy directly (at a certain cost), for more information please contact your Dapresy account manager or email

In addition to the custom theme/skin that that can be applied to the projects, there are also options for giving questions and answers to the default colors.