You can copy the project in case you need an additional copy of a certain project phase that needs to be shown or granted access. Once you click on the copy button, you will need to input new details into the corresponding fields, which will define the details of your new (copied) project. Bear in mind that copying projects take up space, and older copies are not updated.

The copying of projects can be useful if you need support from our staff, but you don’t want to change anything in the original (such as setup or layout), or if you simply need to continue working on your project.

To copy or delete a project click the icon with 3 dots in the most right column as shown below. Like before only projects without active Administrator users can be copied or deleted so the copy and delete options are not available when the project is locked.

Here we see the Delete and Copy options.

For your safety, projects are backed up every 24 hours. This means that if you accidentally delete your project in the morning, we can restore it within 15 days. Your copy will be from the backup made the previous day.

Not everything is backed up. Pictures and documents are not stored in backup – only the project data that contains project setup are, as well as user access and information.