You will notice that there are some markings after the ‘Created Date’ field that designate categories like ‘Distributed – No/Yes’ and ‘Approved – No/Yes.’ Distribution and approval of projects to a client are the final steps in the entire reporting process – it means the distribution of confidential results to a client.

Both the approval as well as the distribution should be handled with care and as part of an overall process of sign-off. Please make sure to check inside your own organisation if you have such authority. This is just an early notice to give you an overview of the process. 

Latter on you may need to delete your project. Make sure you have Undistributed the project, otherwise you will not be able to delete the project.

Undistributing the project means that your users will not be able to access it. It’s also important that the project is Undistributed during the process of report generation; as you don’t wan’t the clients to access the project while there is a work in progress.