If you know some information about your project you can search for it by the:

  • Project Code
  • Project Name
  • Created Date

The projects will again appear below and are depending on your access levels (level 1, level 2, level 3).

To enter a project click the row of the project in the project list. Projects are shown in a disabled style are locked and used by another administrator user. To release a project, click the Lock icon or the icon with 3 dots in the most right column. 

Here we see a Locked project, click the Lock icon or the 3 dots to release the project.

Above the Project grid, on the right-hand side, you can open a column selection panel, where you can select additional columns, hide columns, and re-order columns if needed.  In the image further down you can see the available columns, note that the column “Active users” includes both Administrator users and Report users logged into the project and not only Report users.

The column selection panel.