After typing the URL and entering your username and password on the welcome screen, you are taken to your project selection menu, as shown in the picture. As you are working, you might create more than one project. Also, your users/clients might have access to more than one project at a time.

This is why we created catalog systems that will ease the process of making a system of your own. This means that a Level 1 catalog can have projects created by your teams; for example: 

  • Level 1 – Company name, Team A
  • Level 2 – Team A Client Airline Company
  • Level 3 – 2014 as a designation for the year

The first project selection page shown is used to view/analyse the reports. The other menu shown when clicking “Administrate” should be used when setting up projects, loading data, creating reports etc

If you have two project admin licenses and you need to control which items in all catalog levels every project admin has access to, then it is possible to set the access based on the first catalog level (Level 1). It is not possible to set access based on lower catalog levels, or to give access to just some items in the catalog.