To get access to the Dapresy Pro software you will need a license. Dapresy Pro has 2 different kinds of licenses. Your license determines the level of access you will have to the software. We distinguish 2 main roles.

  • PROJECT ADMINISTRATOR (PA) has total project access. This is a person who creates projects, loads data and sets up portals.
  • REPORT USER (RU) is your end client which has access to the reports that you created within the project and can have complete access or limited access to certain information that you have granted. You can assign different access levels and rights for Report Users. A report user will have access to other users who are lower in the hierarchy.

Project Administrators need a training in order to take advantage of software capabilities. Dapresy provides training worldwide, either on-site or online. On-site training takes 2-3 days depending on needs while online training is split across a series of web sessions. All training comes with exercises and self-study materials.

Once training has been completed, license-holders MUST electronically sign Dapresy’s Acceptable Usage Policy, or AUP. The AUP outlines the rules and regulations when working on the Dapresy Pro platform. The AUP also lists the limitations of the Dapresy Pro software. License holders must abide by those rules and limitations. If license holders have a need to deviate from the rules and regulations or limitations, then please contact the head of Dapresy Global Support and ask permission before doing so by contacting