If you expect many users to use your reports and you don’t want to spend time re-entering passwords, we can provide you with the single sign on (SSO) option. This gives you a link that will take you directly to your project and specific report.

Single sign on (SSO) is a property of access control. With this property, a user will log in once and gain access to the system without being prompted for their username and password again and again. This means that the user must use the SSO link generated from the system to take them to Dapresy Pro or a specific report.

One option with single sign on is to integrate the system user’s intranet with the redirect to the external Dapresy host application. The user will not have to log in separately to the external Dapresy system. Every individual user can still have specific access rights. If you would like to know more about technical details, you can read more about this here or if you have specific questions about this you can reach out to support (please contact: supportdapresy@confirmit.com).