Dapresy Pro is always accessed with an address that starts with "https" which is “Hyper Text Transfer Protocol” with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This protocol was primarily developed with secure, safe Internet transactions in mind. Don’t forget “https” if you type the address manually.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (https) is a combination of two different protocols. It is a more secure way to access the web. It is a combination of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (https) and SSL/TLS protocol. It sends requests to the server from a client more securely, and the communication is purely encrypted which means no one can know what you are looking for. This kind of communication is used for accessing websites where security is required. Banking websites, payment gateway, emails, and corporate sector websites are some great examples of where https protocols are used.

For https connection, public key (trusted) and signed certificate is required for the server. Now when a user requests information to the web server, his identity can be verified easily. Let’s explore what’s required for login in to Dapresy Pro.